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When Premier League manager Tony Barker is found

hanged in his home, the police declare it a suicide. But

Tony’s old friend, investigative journalist Matt Riley, isn’t buying it. Matt discovers that Tony was about to expose a huge match

fixing scandal, and a police insider tips him off

that key evidence has gone missing.


Suspecting murder, he launches his own investigation.

His editor orders him to drop the story. Matt refuses and gets

fired. Determined to find the truth, he goes freelance and soon penetrates a labyrinth of greed and corruption that leads to an underworld gambling syndicate in Singapore. He believes he is about to solve the murder and break the biggest story

of his life, but others have a different idea . . .


The shadowy figures he’s been tracking have turned their sights on him. Matt Riley is in a desperate race against time—to find Tony Barker’s killers before he becomes their next victim.






‘A compulsively readable thriller that probes the sometimes dark relationship between sport
and crime.’
Matt Lawton, Chief Sports Reporter, Daily Mail.

Fatal Fix held me to the very end…quick-paced and exciting and very reminiscent of Le
Carre. A terrific read.
Gay Courter, author of Code Ezra and Flowers in the Blood.

‘In Fatal Fix, Graham Morse has delivered the goods: a first-rate crime thriller that is
enriched by its understanding of the human heart and enlivened by an authoritative look at
the influence of gambling on big-time sport.’
Les Standiford, author of Done Deal and Last Train to Paradise.

‘Graham Morse's Fatal Fix takes you inside the murky world of football match fixing.
This may be a work of fiction, but it lands uncomfortably close to brutal, unblinking reality.
So pull up a chair, hunker down, and let this novel take you on its revealing and perilous
Douglas Schofield, author of Time of Departure and Killing Pace.

‘In Matt Riley —an investigative sports journalist —Graham Morse has convincingly created
a character who will risk his life to find the killer of his friend and file the story of a lifetime.’

Brian Scovell, author of the biographies of Sir Trevor Brooking and Sir Bobby Robson.

‘Graham Morse’s stylish and compelling thriller will introduce many Americans to the
seamy side of British football (read soccer).  British readers and the rest of the football-
obsessed world will experience again with vivid intensity what they hate about the sport they
love.  Full of keen observation and humanity, familiar yet fresh characters, scenes that snap,
and cleverly turned twists, this fast-paced first novel will delight all lovers of crime fiction.’ 
Sterling Watson, author of Suitcase City and The Committee


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Why did you decide on corruption in football as a topic for your book? 

What can you tell us about Fatal Fix?

How long did it take you to write Fatal Fix?

What was your inspiration for writing Fatal Fix? 



I don’t know where to start! I started reading fatal fix last night what a fantastic surprise I didn’t know what to expect but impressed is an understatement. Exceptional from the first two pages! Loving the characterization so clear and their back stories. It kept me up late lol it . Also, has so much atmosphere I felt like I was in the rain feeling the chill. It almost has a retro writing style which I love even though it’s set in the here and now. Difficult to explain but I just love it. Can’t wait to finish it lol more sleepless nights!!!

Have you read the book? Why not add your own review here.

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